Monday, February 18, 2008

Goodie Bag

I've been emailed a few of his pieces independently by different people. Trajan is the Movie Font, Protecting and Maintaining Your Heterosexual House of Cards, Thank You for All the Butt Cracks.

By the third link you don't regret having clicked on, you start paying attention to this guy. Pop-ethnography as comedy. Good work Kirby!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Short Film of the Week

Not quite a serial. But still, points to some good short films.


Here's an interesting (and predicted by some) result of the Writers Guild WGA strike:
Quaterlife which has been playing on will be airing on NBC. (source Variety)

Old media is looking to new media for its content. The producers of Quarterlife were already well connected (they produced Thirty-something, but it's the beginning of the future: Test your series on the internet before greenlighting it. Or better yet, pick your series from already successful internet shows. The internet is an online contest.

Yes it's not the first new media to old media transition, but it's the first (that I know of) where they're using the same footage. Previous risers I can think of: Undercover Brother (online comic -> feature film) and Adam Sandberg (SNL) was an internet discovery.

Also, yes, this post makes the assumption that old media is better than new media... well, let's just say it pays better for now.

OOOps. It was an ABC pilot that got demoted to internet serial and then reinstated as a tv series at NBC.